Scrip Fundraising

SCRIP Fundraising


Easy, Easy, Easy. Get credit for the purchases you already make!

This program consists of buying gift cards at face value and a percentage of each card purchased goes to RPO.

Recently, they’ve made it even easier:

The iPhone app is called “My Scrip Wallet.”  All you have to do is push the Order button to see an alphabetical listing of all the available stores, restaurants, online retailers, etc.  It really is practically instantaneous, and one can check practically right while in line or certainly as one heads to check out on-line for availability.  Amazon even gives 3%.  The Gap family including Athleta, LL Bean give 14%.  This Scrips Now list is pretty big.  The only thing it’s really missing are the local grocery stores although it does have Target & Walmat for 2.5% and Whole Foods for 3%.

Please contact Catherine Malstrom, Judi Balon, or Valerie Arthur with questions.