Sydney Needle

Rebounders Gymnastics Class of 2016
Level 10 for the 2015-2016 Season

ACHIEVEMENTSVault: Yurchenko pikeUneven Bars: Kip + squat-on; kip hop + front giant 1/2 + overshoot; kip+ squat-on; KCH + giant + giant + double tuck dismountBalance Beam Flip flop + back layout stepout; switch split leap + tuck jump 3/4; front walkover; full turn; split jump + back tuck; gainer flip flop + flip flop + back layout 3/2 dismountFloor: Front handspring + front layout + front layout; roundoff + flip flop + back layout 3/2 + front pike; switch ring leap + wolf jump 1/1; double turn; roundoff + flip flop + back layout 2/1

WORKING ONVault: Yurchenko layoutBars: Giant 1/1 + double tuck dismount, overshoot to handstand, toe-shoot, Jaegar and toe-on to handstandBeam: Side aerial, front toss, front aerial, back tuck + split jump, 1/1 turn with leg upFloor: Back layout 5/2, double tuck and front layout 1/1

Lily McFarland

 Rebounders Gymnastics Class of 2020


Lily was an Honor Roll student at the Friends School of Baltimore. She co-captains the Yoga Club and Random Acts of Kindness, is a member of the Yearbook staff, and participates in the One Love Club and Paws for a Cause.  She enjoys photography and spending time with her family when she is not practicing.


Level 5 Maryland State Beam Champion  

Level 8 Maryland State Beam Champion  

Level 8 Regional Qualifier  

2017 Level 9 State Beam Champion  

2017 Level 9 Regional Qualifier (3rd in AA, 2nd on Beam and Bars.)  

2017 Eastern Nationals  Qualifier (6th in AA, 8th on Vault and Bars, 7th on Floor. Season high scores on AA, Vault and Floor)  

2017 Lisa Sue Horrigan Teammate of the Year Award  

2018 Level 10 Regional Qualifier


Vault: Yurchenko Layout

Bars: Kip Cast Handstand + Blind change + Front Giant+ Shoot over, Kip Cast Handstand + Toe up, Kip Cast Handstand + Giant + Giant + Double Tuck Dismount

Beam: Back Handspring + Layout Step Out, Beat Jump + Wolf Jump, Cat leap+ Side Aerial, Full Turn, Switch Leap + Split Half, Round Off + 1 ½ Dismount

Floor: Round Off + Back Handspring + Double Pike, Round Off 1 ½ + Front layout, Tour Jette ½ + straddle Jump Full, Wolf Jump 1 ½, Round Off whip back double Full, 1 ½ turn


Vault: Yurchenko + Tuck Full, Yurchenko + Layout Full

Bars: Tkatchev, Shoot Over to Handstand + Toe Up, Blind Full + Double Back

Beam: Wolf Jump Full + Beat Jump, Gainer Layout Step Out, Straddle Jump Full + Beat Jump

Floor: Round Off + Back Handspring + Full In , Round Off + Whip back + 2 ½ Twist

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Instagram: @lilymcfarland2020